October 15, 2008

Think Business! Medical Practice Quality, Efficiency, Profits

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Foreword by David B. Nash, MD, MBA, FACP If you own, run, or have anything to do with a medical practice, you must read this book. Today the practice of medicine must be recognized as a business. No longer can the business of the practice be based on the intuition of the physician or office manager. This exciting book from Greenbranch Publishing promises a new way for physicians and administrators to look at the medical practice. Owen Dahl decodes business theories and applies them to today’s medical practice. Filled with winning techniques, Think Business! will teach you the following: -Financial fundamentals – how to keep tabs on the practice -Employees as assets: how to recruit and retain them -How to differentiate your practice from your competition -Setting the stage for pay-for-performance and quality of care -Why medical staff should care about satisfied patients and quality outcomes -Motivate employees to build great teams; it’s not only about the money! -Smart strategies to focus your practice as a business Packed with plenty of take-home value, you can count on Owen Dahl to provide you with the language, the players, and the management techniques to ensure success in your practice. It is time to bring solid business principles to the medical practice! And, running a profitable medical practice takes more than your staff’s strong clinical skills. Today’s practice is complex — declining reimbursement per patient or per procedure, complexity in managing the patient process, technology needs, decision-making processes to ensure optimal use of resources, outcomes management…and don’t forget the nuances of employee management!

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