October 14, 2008

Maximizing Billing and Collections in the Medical Practice

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Provides systematic approach to reviewing the billing and collections process to discover problems and prevent undue financial loss in today’s medical practice. This invaluable resource integrates the patient encounter with the billing and collections function to increase the likelihood of collecting every dollar the physician is entitled to receive. Sample tables, forms and reports are also included via cd-rom.

Customer Review: Excellent resource for broad billing perspective and control tools to maximize your collections

Paradoxically, physicians’ compensation has shrunk in spite of the dramatically rising wave of health care costs. Arcane billing terminology, continuous downward pressure on allowed fees, systematic invention of new reasons for underpayments and denials, coordinated drive to oligopsony, and escalating campaign for more post-payment audits, refunds, and penalties – that’s only a partial list of a growing arsenal designed by the insurers to increase their share value at the expense of health care providers.

This book focuses on designing accountable and transparent billing processes that firmly place control back into the hands of the practice owner. In contrast to many billing books that separate billing from the rest of practice operations, this book takes a broader all-encompassing perspective and provides an excellent set of tools to evaluate the efficacy of your billing. It uses an analytical approach to present concrete, practical information including procedures and policies that focus on setting up billing and collection, controlling patient payments, and handling third-party insurers. Multiple flowcharts, graphs, and tables elucidate the tremendous complexity of the billing process.

Don’t buy this book if you know your practice has already maximized its billing. Do buy this book and return to it frequently if you are looking for a text to help you design a process to maximize your billing and collections.

Yuval Lirov, Practicing Profitability – Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Control in Healthcare Clinics and Chiropractic Offices: Collections, Audit Risk, SOAP Notes, Scheduling, Care Plans, and Coding

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