July 26, 2008

Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2007 Edition (Step-By-Step Medical Coding)

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This practical approach to training students for a career in medical coding begins with an introduction to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), followed by in-depth explanations of the sections found in the CPT manual. Several chapters, organized to follow the CPT codes by body system, introduce various procedures and demonstrate how to code each one. Practice exercises following each step of information and at the end of each chapter reinforce important concepts and allow users to check their comprehension. Unit II covers the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD 9-CM), and Unit III offers information about third-party reimbursement. Appendices provide the official ICD-9-CM guidelines for coding and reporting, answers to the in-text exercises, the documentation guidelines for E/M services, a quick guide to HIPAA, and Alpha II iCoder exercises.

  • Full-color design makes the book more visually stimulating.
  • In-text exercises throughout each chapter immediately reinforce the coding rules and concepts, emphasizing the step-by-step organization of the book.
  • Appendix D contains the Quick Guide to HIPAA for the Physician’s Office, providing coding information about new HIPAA guidelines.
  • Concrete “real-life” examples illustrate the application of important coding principles and practices.
  • Medical procedures or conditions are illustrated and discussed to help the student understand the services being coded.
  • Answer blanks are provided in four variations to allow for number of codes.
  • From the Trenches features highlight real-life medical coding practitioners, with photographs and quotes that offer practical advice or motivational comments.
  • Coding Shots contain tips for complicated coding scenarios and what to expect when entering the job market.
  • Stop! notes halt the reader for a reality check, offering a brief summary of material just covered and providing a transition into the next topic.
  • Caution! notes warn users of common coding mistakes and reinforce the concept of coding as an exact science.
  • Check This Out! boxes offer notes on accessing reference information, primarily via the Internet.
  • Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting boxes in the Using the ICD-9-CM chapter contain excerpts of the actual guidelines, presenting the official wording alongside text discussions, and visually indicate Inpatient vs. Outpatient use.

  • All information is updated with the latest information available.
  • New illustrations enhance the quality of the text and show the most important coding concepts.
  • A companion CD offers many activities and coding cases for additional practice.
  • General Surgery chapters have been expanded to include further detail for coding related to the eyes, ears, male genital system, urinary system, and digestive system.

Customer Review: This book is for students with an instructor

This book is great on information and the way they explain everything. The problem is there is no answer keys on the chapter review questions. This is hard if you are doing this as a self study. You have no way of checking your answers. I had to enroll through evolve’s on line self study program to get the answers. The cost was $39.95. This on line self study is well worth the money. They ask questions that is not in the book. There is a workbook that goes with this book. The workbook is good as far as giving you practice exercises. The problem is you only get answers on the odd number questions. You have no idea if the even number questions are right.

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