July 25, 2008

Medical Billing & Coding Demystified

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Clueless? Feel Like a Dummy? Get Demystified!

This handy resource clearly explains the principles and practices used by medical offices, hospitals, and health facilities to encode medical services in order to receive payment from government agencies and insurance companies.

Customer Review: Very Good Overview

I have worked with collections for 15 years.
After reading this book I have a complete understanding of the billing proccess from start to finsh. Also very good information on how the doctor’s office’s work. In clear english. Thank you for the resorce.

Customer Review: Slanted and Basic

I’ll admit I was turned off in the first few pages of the book with a section that characterized medical insurance as a “game” and all-but accused medical insurers of deliberately delaying claims payment in order to make money, using an example that doesn’t make any fiscal sense anyway.

Clearly, the authors have the “insurance is big business screwing the little people” agenda. Thus this book is not useful to anyone actually looking for a balanced or in-depth view of the medical reimbursement industry.

But for someone who’s looking for a general introduction to medical office practice as seen from the eyes of the “little man” doctor, this is not a bad first choice. The roles of the various players in the office are correctly explained except for the frequent incorrect use of “medical insurance specialist.” Clearly, the book is intended to build up those who feel that billing clerks are at the bottom of the office pecking order — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either.

Anyone who thinks, however, that the book’s little coding exam is actually all there is to coding is badly mistaken. The book also has a considerable paucity of information for those wanting to take the next steps.

I can’t recommend it.

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