Medical Transcription: Fundamentals & Practice + Health Professions: Medical Transcription (book With Cd-rom)

Customer Review: No instructions to unlock the transcript key on the CD Rom

I think this is an excellent product, but I had a hard time getting the code/instructions to unlock the transcript key on the interactive CD ROM. It has been block by the program developers for student/teacher interaction, but I have been going round-and-round with the publisher, developers, and anyone who I thought could help that I am a independent consumer. Still no instructions on how to unlock the key on the CD ROM. I have been referred to my instructor, (don’t have one), publisher site (not useful), and place of purchase. Have not heard from them yet. However, If you buy this CD Rom be prepared to purchase seperately the transcript key 0130139785.
It just sad now I am stuck with a partially functional interactive CD ROM.

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