March 5, 2009

Blackwell Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Fast Facts for Medical Practice

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More and more medical schools are offering complementary and alternative medicine content in their programs, or elective courses in complementary medicine. There are many exhaustive, comprehensive books on complementary and alternative medicine but what students want are the essential elements that impact them. Those interested, for instance, in Reiki can then research it further.

Ready access to accurate information on contemporary therapies keeps clerks and residents ahead of their patients (and colleagues)

Medical doctors and healthcare professionals as contributing authors offer a brief, authoritative resource written by content experts on most prominent therapies

Concise size and templated format give “essentials” of CAM without burden of exhaustive texts and journal articles

Topics aligned with public interest to answer patient questions supplies basic knowledge of topics for discussion with patients who want an alternative to biomedical traditions

Handy pocket guide, reasonably priced provides clerks and residents quick access to specific therapies to answer patients questions and concerns

Customer Review: Lee Lipsenthal, MD

This book serves as a usefull in office guide for quick reference on alternative therapies. I find it useful for myself as well as my patients.

Customer Review: Tremendous resource for busy clinicians

There are a growing number of books on Complementary / Alternative Medicine (CAM) on the shelves, and a reliable resource on CAM therapies is imperative for conventional Western medical doctors as 50% or more of their patients are exploring these potentially helpful / potentially harmful therapies. This book distinguishes itself from the pack by providing the 30,000 foot view of each practice buoyed by bullet points highlighting the essential information a clinician needs to know to advise patients. This is a wonderful resource for busy clinicians who have only a few minutes of spare time to devote to counseling patients on CAM. I would recommend this book to any physician or other health care provider who sees patients; such a book should be provided to medical students and / or residents at the start of their training.

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