September 5, 2008

Medical Massage Care’s Therapeutic Massage National Certification Practice Exams 2008 Edition

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Medical Massage Careâ¿¿s Therapeutic Massage National Certification Practice Exams 2008 Edition will help massage therapy students pass the exam on therapeutic massage administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Customer Review: Review from Customer who Passed Exam

This review was made by a customer (ML from Canada) who passed using the previous edition. The errors pointed out to the author and publisher by this customer were corrected in the 2008 edition: “I purchased this book back in June because I was taking the NCTM exam in September and I wanted a resource that would provide me with lots of sample questions. I started out using it in conjunction with my own review, working with the guide purchased through NCBTMB. Basically it is a book with just multiple choice questions divided into 10 exams of 160 questions each. It claims to mimic the NCTM exam. I used it to test my knowledge and to find out what areas I needed to spend more time on. I would take one exam a week (since I made full use of my 12 week preparation time). The advantage of this resource is that after completing 4 or 5 exams you get a sense of how long it takes you to answer that many questions and also it teaches you to build up the mental stamina to tackle that many questions. Along the way I identified several other books that I needed to really get a grasp of the questions…these included; A massage therapists guide to pathology (Werner)(although this reference was frustratingly incomplete and I needed to look elsewhere for descriptions of what many pathologies were), Muscles (Kendall), clinically orientated Anatomy (Moore, Dalley), Principles of anatomy and physiology (tortora). Most of all my own notes from school were an important resource. This book falls short of 5 stars because there were some notable errors to some question keys (about 2 questions per exam) which was very frustrating because it made you question other answers. Some questions were repeated in different ways between each sample exam (a lot of ‘right handed/ left handed effects’ on posture are used in the assessment sections, but did not show up at all on the real exam). Also, the actual exam itself is computerised, not on paper, so it maybe more useful to have this in a CD ROM form to practice an actual exam format. Just prior to the exam I also purchased a copy of Plain and simple Guide tp therapeutic massage and bodywork certification (Laura Allen) which was really good for a last minute review and has questions for additional practice.
Having completed all 10 practice exams I was ready for the real thing…and I passed with high scores in all categories.”

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