Financial Management of the Medical Practice

This resource provides exercises in medical practice financial planning, as well as a step-by-step process for budgeting. Learn to implement guidelines to control cash and establish internal controls covering collections and fraud prevention.

Customer Review: road map for sound operational processes and fiscal stability

The best part of Reiboldt’s book, for me, was understanding the financial reporting standards for the medical practice. Reiboldt’s book spells out the theories, the purpose, and the effects of disciplined financial reporting. The book provides detailed steps for revenue optimization, expense management, and internal controls, such as rigorous budgeting process and benchmarking.

This is not a theoretical work trying to lay out basic principles of accounting. This is a road map for any medical practice to achieve sound operational processes and fiscal stability.

Yuval Lirov, Practicing Profitability – Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Control in Healthcare Clinics and Chiropractic Offices: Collections, Audit Risk, SOAP Notes, Scheduling, Care Plans, and Coding

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