April 13, 2009

English-Russian Medical Dictionary: English in Medical Practice

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The first part of this book provides the basic vocabulary required to obtain a full history and perform thorough examinations. The second part contains twenty one case histories which cover a wide variety of emergencies commonly encountered by junior doctors and medical students. The questions asked by the doctor in each case are not exhaustive but are all pertinent to the management of the patient. The examination findings are displayed in a similar form to those written by British junior doctors in case notes and on casualty cards. Following each case history there are lists of differential diagnoses, vocabulary lists and lists of descriptive words in the form of “word collocates.” The third and fourth parts of the book contain several types of work lists, all aimed at quickly enriching the readers vocabulary, and the fifth part contains medical abbreviations, also abbreviations for the U.K. medical Appendix to the book includes illustrations with names of parts of the body and main organs.

Customer Review: Great handbook for a medical student, doctor or translator!

This is an unusual book – a dictionary and a phrasebook under the same cover. I found it very helpful when obtaining a full medical history and performing an exam of a patient. It has all the needed vocabulary; all the questions that are generally asked by a doctor. The following part of the book has 21 history cases: from cardiac arrest to appendicitis, from chest pain to asthmatic attack in a child, to drug overdose, knee injury, etc. There are separate chapters with practical words related to operative surgery, medical administration, etc. This book also includes a chapter with medical abbreviations, and examples of doctor’s referral, discharge and some other letters commonly used by doctors.

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