August 12, 2008

Virtual Medical Office for Step-by-Step Medical Coding, 2008 Edition

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Gain realistic experience in a physician’s office without leaving the classroom! By using Elsevier’s Virtual Medical Office learning system an Elsevier textbook, a study guide, and interactive software students will develop critical thinking and decision-making skills they’ll need on the job. Each study guide lesson directs the student through the textbook and software and presents exercises offering practice in coding procedures and diagnoses, filing insurance claims, troubleshooting rejected claims, catching common coding errors, evaluating the office’s compliance with HIPAA, keeping the policy manual up to date, and much more. These exercises in combination with a simulated medical practice bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

Money-saving package with the textbook is also available. Search ISBN 1-4160-3041-7.

  • 15 unique cases set up specific exercises relating to different payers, different billing situations, and common coding errors.
  • More than two hours of video clips offer comparisons of what is documented to what actually happens.
  • Software matches the computer experience level of billing and coding students.
  • Realistic information resources are shown, such as medical records for each case, an office policy manual, a fee schedule, a daysheet, and more.
  • A study guide:
    • Complements textbook content through lessons that correlate reading assignments with patients in the virtual practice.
    • Promotes active learning as students collect information from a variety of sources to make coding and billing decisions.
    • Contains common coding errors that students must spot and correct, as in real practice.
    • Augments knowledge of HIPPA by directing students to compare the policy manual, the contents of each case’s medical record, and what actually happens in the videos.
    • Makes lessons available online, allowing students to complete their assignments and submit them electronically to their instructor.

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