The Next Step: Medical Coding from Classroom to Practice: A Worktext

This book focuses on medical coding services such as medical visits, diagnostic testing and interpretation, treatments, surgeries, and anesthesia. This text picks up where Step-by-Step Medical Coding leaves off by reviewing more advanced coding concepts with the same step-by-step method. It simulates the professional coding experience, providing a more in-depth understanding of physician-based medical coding to enhance critical thinking and help readers pull the right information from documents, select the right codes, and determine the correct sequencing of those codes.

  • Contains actual patient cases to provide real-world examples for learning
  • Delivered in a “worktext” format for more efficient studying
  • Provides information on E/M audit forms to help determine E/M codes
  • From the Trenches section highlights a different real-life medical coding practitioner in each chapter to create a sense of community within the coding profession and offer practical advice and motivational comments

    • Customer Review: Good Material — Bad concept on CD

      I count on Carol J Buck to provide outstanding study materials because I had never been disappointed. After using this book and CD I have to say I am disappointed. The book is o.k. but not as well organized or user friendly as previous and I absolutely hate the CD. It is ridiculous not to be able to check your work (pretest) and try again. Once you submit the pretest your locked out from taking this again. That is not how I study. I prefer to be able to retest over individual sections and be scored as I progress. The 2005 study guide was far superior.

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