August 21, 2008

The Medical Interview: Mastering Skills for Clinical Practice (Medical Interview (Coulehan))

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This new edition of The Medical Interview: Mastering Skills for Clinical Practice, 5th Edition, will help your students learn the art of conducting a medical interview and in the process hone their communication skills. In addition, the authors have created a downloadable interview organizer that students can use as a management tool for their first interviews. The book is appropriate for medical students and all levels of residents and is truly a must-read for anyone conducting a clinician-patient interview.

Customer Review: Tedious, Dull, and mostly common sense

I really loathe this book. It’s a dull, slow read. It’s full of ridiculously trite little examples. It will spend three full pages coming up with different ways to say “appear caring.” An intelligent person could convey all the useful information in this book to someone in about 30 minutes.

I have an exam I know is based almost solely on this book, and I still feel like I wasted money on it.

Customer Review: Excellent manual for all healthcare provoders

Many clinicians confuse conversation skills (which most people have) with professional communication skills (which most have had little formal training in at all). The cinicians in our practice have found it helpful in becoming more patient-centered in the goals setting process. The payoff being that patients who are more involved in their goal setiing and treatment planning are usually are more adherent to their treatment plan and demonstrate better outcomes. The book does a good job describing the difference between the traditional clinician-centered interview proceess and the patient-centered interview process and helping us blend the two. It does a particularly good job at giving strategies of how to work with various types of patients, i.e. the reticent, passive, overly talkative etc.. Strong in the fundamentals. Practical. Highly recommended

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