The Impact of Medical Cost Offset on Practice and Research: Making It Work for You : A Report of the First Reno Conference on Medical Cost Offset (Healthcare Utilization and Cost Series, V. 5)

The United States is facing a healthcare crisis. Managed care was created in an attempt to contain these spiraling costs. And it was temporarily successful. However, managed care lost a complex public relations battle, and now is being dismantled. And once again, prices are again rising dramatically. Healthcare premiums in 2001 increased an average of 14% (about 4 times the general rate of inflation).

Costs are escalating and yet few seem satisfied with the current state of healthcare delivery. What can be done to contain costs? If restricting the supply of medical services is not an acceptable answer, then what is? Can demand be legitimately reduced? If so, how? How can we have more quality in our healthcare system? This volume, the result of a national conference sponsored by The Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Foundation and the University of Nevada, Reno, examines these and attempts to provide empirically-supported answers.

Introduction: Reflections on the Medical Cost Offset Effect by William T. O’Donohue, Kyle E. Ferguson, & Nicholas A. Cummings

Medical Cost Offset as a Roadmap to Behavioral Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Hawaii Project by Nicholas A. Cummings

Medical Cost Offset: A Review of the Impact of Psychological Interventions on Medical Utilization Over the Past Three Decades by Jeremy A. Chiles, Michael J. Lambert, & Arlin L. Hatch

Identifying and Capitalizing on the Economic Benefits of Primary Behavioral Health Care by Kirk Strosahl

Roles for Psychological Procedures, and Psychological Processes, in Cost-Offset Research: Cost – Procedure – Process – Outcome Analysis by Brian T. Yates

Measuring Medical Cost by Jeanne Wendel

Psychopharmacology and Medical Cost Offset by Janet L. Cummings

Treating Depression in Primary Care: What Are the Cost-Offset Opportunities? by Patricia Robinson

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders: Implications for Medical Cost Offset by Michael J. Telch, Jasper A. Smits, Matt Brown, & Victoria Beckner

Prevention of Excess Disability in Geriatric Patients through Integrated Care by Debra W. Fredericks, Jane E. Fisher, Jeffery A. Buchanan & Valeria Luevano

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