Practice of Medical Billing and Coding, The (2nd Edition) (A Real Life Book)

Formally know as Exercises in Medical Billing and Coding, The Practice of Medical Billing and Coding, 2e, contains instructional training in the MediSoft Patient Accounting computer program, as well as a simulated work program to help you experience the real life situations that a medical biller experiences. This book is created for use as either a stand-alone text for those wishing to learn MediSoft, or in conjunction with ICDC Publishing’s Guide to Medical Billing and Coding. Some of the exercises in the simulated work portion of the book are based upon concepts learned in the Guide to Medical Billing and Coding (i.e., procedure and diagnosis coding, privacy issues, etc.). While this book is complete in teaching the MediSoft patient accounting program, it should not be considered a complete text for learning medical billing. It is important that trainees not only learn to enter data into a computer billing program, but also to understand the concepts behind what they are entering. It is suggested that a trainee take a complete medical billing course prior to learning computerized billing with this book. The simulated work portion of this text incorporates concepts that are not taught by simple data entry, for example CPTâ and ICD-9 coding, privacy guidelines, patient record keeping, reception area duties, correspondence, and manual completion of claims. This text is designed to enable the student to work through the material at their own pace. In the simulated work portion, the outside margin of this text has been enlarged to allow room for taking notes and jotting down procedure and diagnosis codes.

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Customer Review: Sets a standard for hands-on training manuals and entry-level texts in medical billing

This book is designed as a practice companion for The Guide to Medical Billing and Coding and it is an ideal self-teaching text for those who use or plan to use MediSoft Patient Accounting. It has six sections that cover computer basics, MediSoft Patient Accounting training, simulated work program, sample documents, simulated cash and window payments, and simulated patient file forms. Each chapter has clear learning objectives, MediSoft Screen captures, exercises, summary, and end-of-chapter exercises. Upon reading the text and completing the exercises, the medical billing student will certainly know how to run a basic billing function in a practice using MediSoft Patient Accounting.

The Practice of Medical Billing and Coding sets a standard for hands-on training manuals and entry-level texts in medical billing.

Yuval Lirov, Practicing Profitability – Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Control in Healthcare Clinics and Chiropractic Offices: Collections, Audit Risk, SOAP Notes, Scheduling, Care Plans, and Coding

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