September 19, 2008

Practice Management: A Practical Guide to Starting and Running a Medical Office

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The book describes the steps to opening day. First, the basics, such as financing, rent, coding, hiring, contracting, records, malpractice insurance. Then, business strategies and more complex issues, such as money management and the influence of outside factors. A chapter deals with typical business encounters for the private practitioner. Finally buying a practice is discussed.

Customer Review: Brash and unpolished

This book was pretty awful. I expected a thoughtful and well-educated approach to the subject matter at hand. Instead, this book was very brash (and not very well edited).

As others have noted, it is good if you want to get an overall understanding of the ins and outs of a medical practice. However, it leaves much to be desired with regard to thorough advice I would feel comfortable following on the specific topics mentioned. The author definitely needs to become more educated in the way of computers, for that section was highly outdated even for 2004 (when the book was published).

Customer Review: Not a treatise on MTME (medical transition management engineering)!

Medical transition management engineering (MTME) is a complex field not easily understood by physicians or office managers/administrators. Christian Rainer provides independent medical practitioners a book on common sense elements of their work that they can use today. The book is not cluttered with concepts that are too theoretical for physicians or managers to understand. There are many medical practice management books available, but none quite so clear as this one.

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