December 18, 2008

Medical Response to Terrorism: Preparedness and Clinical Practice

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This comprehensive reference provides all the information emergency departments and personnel need to prepare for and respond to terrorist events. The first section covers all agents potentially used in terrorist attacks–chemical, biologic, toxicologic, nuclear, and explosive–in a systematic format that includes background, triage, decontamination, signs and symptoms, medical management, personnel protection, and guidelines for notifying public health networks. Algorithms show when to suspect and how to recognize exposure and detail signs and symptoms and management protocols. The second section focuses on all-hazards preparedness for hospitals, communities, emergency medical services, and the media, and includes an important chapter on simulation of disasters.

Customer Review: medical response to terrorism

The Medical Response to Terrorism Textbook is EXCELLENT – I have really enjoyed reading it (and I HATE reading textbooks). Each chapter is up to date, focused, and written in a manner more reminiscent of a novel than a medical textbook. Limiting the number of pages per chapter really forced the authors to be concise and made each topic more inviting to read. Great stuff – Dr. Keyes, et al should be very proud.

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