Medical Practice Management Body of Knowledge Review: Information Management (Core Learning Series Level1)

Learn the key information management skills to lead a medical practice. After reading this book, you’ll understand the concepts, tasks and terminology to ensure success in the medical group. The text covers:

* Assessing short-term/long-term information technology needs and developing RFI/RFP to ensure comprehensive response from vendors
* Planning and implementing initial and ongoing training to allow physicians and staff to make best use of IT.
* Evaluating vendor proposals and working with physicians and staff to determine best fit for practice
* Negotiating vendor contracts to ensure best possible price, support and service

Master the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Executives tasks covered in this book.
TASK 1: Conduct information system needs analysis
TASK 2: Facilitate information system procurement and installation
TASK 3: Develop and implement information system training and support programs
TASK 4: Oversee database management and maintenance
TASK 5: Develop information network security systems
TASK 6: Provide access to electronic education and information resources and systems

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