Medical Pluralism in the Andes (Theory and Practice in Medicalanthropology)

Medical Pluralism in the Andes is the first major collection of anthropological approaches to health in the Andes for over twenty years. Capturing the intricacies of health practice within the context of Andean social history, cultural tradition, community and folklore, this is a remarkable and intimate chronicle of Andean culture and everyday life, which will appeal across a wide range of readers, from professional anthropologists to those interested in alternative medicines.

Customer Review: The Andes

I purchased this book after an extended stay in the Andes mountains. While in the Andes, I personally had no less than 17 sighting of the famed “bigfoot.” I was highly disappointed with my purchase of this book because there was no mention of “bigfoot” nor did it mention highly regarded goat sucker; however, I did find Thomas LeatherMan’s medical experiments with monkey brains extremely amusing.

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