August 8, 2008

Medical Insurance Coding Workbook 2007-08

By admin

The Medical Insurance Coding Workbook for Physician Practices builds coding expertise by providing thorough practice, tips, and reinforcement in code selection and linkage. This supplementary workbook offers extensive opportunities for students to practice ICD-9-CM (diagnoses) and CPT/HCPCS (procedures) coding using the standard code reference manuals. Unique coding linkage coverage reviews and practices reporting diagnosis and procedures codes correctly together for compliant coding. The exercises build from one-line diagnostic/procedural statements to case studies. The Workbook also contains three comprehensive examinations covering ICD-9-CM, CPT/HCPCS, and Code Linkage topics.

The Medical Insurance Coding Workbook for Physician Practices is designed to help users master the information needed to pass the coding certification exams and become employable. The precise and tightly focused nature of the workbook helps instructors to readily gauge students’ levels of coding proficiency.