August 29, 2008

Magic in Practice – Introducing Medical NLP: the Art and Science of Language in Healing and Health – Special Offer $39.99 – Usually $49.99

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Between a third and half of all patients seeking help from the medical profession are suffering from medically unexplained symptoms, and we are facing an epidemic of complex chronic conditions that have no easily discernible pathology or cause. Pressure for a model of ‘whole-person’ health care has been growing over the past 25 years, but, no practical, costeffective, integrative model has been suggested, until now.

Medical NLP – developed out of the work of Dr Richard Bandler and the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – offers for the first time a practical methodology and explicit interventions to help tackle this debilitating array of problems. Supported by new research and extensive clinical experience, Medical NLP offers the only internationally recognised and licensed health practitioner training that seamlessly integrates psychosocial therapeutic approaches with the existing biomechanical principles and time constraints of the consultation process.

Written in an accessible style for doctors, nurses, therapists and all other allied health professionals, this is a book about solutions, rather than problems. Featuring real-life case studies it shows how Medical NLP can be used to achieve more positive outcomes for both patients and the professionals from whom they seek help.

Uniquely, an interactive website has been set up to answer questions, host discussions and provide support for readers who wish to explore further the practical application of the skill sets provided in the book.

‘This book shows us the structure of those times when we’ve watched a colleague with a patient and thought, ‘What a great doctor!’ We know Medical NLP is effective, and, here, the reasons why it works are explained in terms of contemporary neuroscience. Applying what can be learned from this book will transform the way we interact with our patients, and make those interactions more exciting, stimulating and rewarding.’
Dr Jonathan Bannister
Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia
Winner: Medical Futures Innovation & Enterprise Award 2007

‘I can honestly say I’ve been waiting for something like this since the very beginning of my medical career’
Dr Ayan Panja,
General Practitioner and author

‘Be aware that Medical NLP is very powerful. It can and will change your life and the lives of your patients, for the better. Garner Thomson has all the skills to help you take you and your patients’ lives forward. How do I know? Well he did it for me – but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself in his book.’
Mr John Wood FRCS
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

‘This book can help the counsellor to expand the art of the possible in therapy. It spells out the mechanics of carrying hope and just how significant this is in achieving the goals of a therapeutic relationship’
Carol Ervine
Psychologist and counsellor

Customer Review: Practical Magic in Magic in Practice!!!

The book speaks for itself. And Richard Bandler gives a glowing endorsement to boot! That being written… Use this book. Carry it with you. Read and read again, stat! It combines the best of the best and makes it easy to access immediately. Good show gentleman and thank you.

After you have read this review and ordered Magic In Practice, please go to: Richard Bandler’s Guide to Personal Change: Neuro-linguistic Programming for Everybody and Richard BandlerÆs Guide to Trance-formations: Hypnosis for Everybody and pre-order these books. And be on the lookout for new Personal Enhancement CD’s!!!

Customer Review: Not Just for Medical Professionals

I recommend people buy this and give it to their doctor!
This book is great! It’s not just for medical professionals, but a great primer for using NLP!

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