How to Recruit, Motivate, and Manage a Winning Staff: A Medical Practice How-To Guidebook

From the receptionist on the front lines, to the coding specialist behind the scenes, to the caregivers in between, every staff member has a powerful influence on the success of a medical practice. Staff can affect professional image, professional relationships, patient referrals, efficiency, and the growth and profitability of a practice. In How to Recruit, Motivate and Manage a Winning Staff, Laura Sachs Hills offers her best strategies for developing a team of employees who are committed to the health and well-being of the patients and the practice. Her no-nonsense advice — supported by over 20 years experience — includes field-tested examples, sample dialogues, action checklists and more — to show physicians, practice managers and administrators exactly how to recruit, hire, motivate, evaluate, and, when necessary, fire employees. Bonus tool is a CD-ROM with over 40 checklists and sample letters in pdf and MS Word that allow you to type in your own data over the existing information. These ready to print forms and letters make it even easier to deal with staff related circumstances as they arise.

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