November 3, 2008

Going Into Medical Practice

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Completing residency in the United States and going into medical practice is an exciting, as well as a stressful period in a physician’s career. Critical decisions need be made about which direction you will pursue. Going Into Medical Practice provides a clear and unbiased overview of practice settings and answers your questions about the many practice options. Dr. Campen developed this book based on questions most often asked by her residents.

Customer Review: Smart yet practical

Crisp and to the point yet encompasses many of the concerns and misunderstandings about the transition from training to “real life”.

Dr. Campen nicely breaks things down. She goes into great detail with specific issues such as office equipment and furnishings, dealing with insurance, and even more philosophical subjects such as avoiding liability and enjoying your practice.

My favorite part of the book is Chapter 5 where Dr. Campen literally goes step-by-step (from 1-31) on opening an office.

This is a practical, well-written and up-to-date text that is indispensable in opening a practice for the first time.

The most important recommendation I can make, however, is to read it very early during training as it will serve as an excellent guide for learning things during training that are frequently looked over.

Customer Review: A necessity for anyone going into practice….

I would recommend this book to anyone going into medical practice, private or academic. This book is very practical and covers a wide range of topics, including choosing a practice location, designing your practice, malpractice issues, and complying with federal & health care regulations. I really enjoyed reading this book & wish that it had been available earlier in my career. This book would make an excellent gift for medical students as well as those already with established practices.

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