March 22, 2009

Cutting Costs in the Medical Practice 2nd Edition

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High profits in the medical practice are no longer a given. Even the most successful practices must manage costs effectively to stay viable. Written for physicians, practice administrators and office managers, Cutting Costs in the Medical Practice, Second Edition, provides no-nonsense practical guidelines for approaching cost containment issues within the practice. Cutting Costs in the Medical Practice, Second Edition includes practical information on: –Reviewing your practice operations to identify areas of concern –How to recruit and retain good employees and practitioners –Negotiating better leases — determine whether you should buy or rent –Optimal Organization Structures – Solo vs. Group Practice? –Cost savings that can be attained with proper use of technology – EMRs, E-mail, Websites, Clinical and Business Application, HIPAA Compliance -Specific advice on reducing the cost of accountants, bookkeeping services -Updated information on Practice Management and EMR vendors -Use of value-added services to reduce overhead by participating in independent practice associations, professional associations and other purchasing cooperatives Authors and experienced consultants Alan Whiteman, Jerry Hermanson and Dennis Palkon identify key areas in medical practices where costs can spin out of control. And, they offer solutions that have been proven successful in other practices. Armed with this roadmap, physicians and executive staff can better put their resources to work – building a stronger, financially secure practice.

Customer Review: I Was Forced to buy this.

I had to buy this for my Health Financial Mgmt. class because my professor is a co-author. It cost way too much, and we barely even read it. Waste of cash.

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