Clinical Decision Making: From Theory to Practice: A Collection of Essays From the Journal of the American Medical Association

This collection of essays written by David M. Eddy, one of America’s leading medical scholars, was originally published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. It lays out a unified theory and offers practical recommendations for responding to the changing environment in which medicine is practiced. The essays address such issues as physician uncertainty, guidelines, patient preferences, outcomes, evidence-based medicine, the cost problem, the balance between quality and cost, physician responsibilities, and rationing. This book will be a valuable resource to anyone who is interested in the quality and cost of health care.

Customer Review: A great simplification of a very complex problem.

This is as good if not better than being in a classroom with the author. The information is handled in a very logical and sequential manner. The examples clarify learning. I have purchased several copies for my friends.

Customer Review: a sophisticated conceptualization of the medical task

This compilation of essays previously published in JAMA is a brilliant sophisticated, clinically based intimate account of how modern medical knowledge, epidemiology and logic can be applied to the practice of medicine. It is clear and very readable. It has many insights, some of which are at first counterintuitive. It provides an unsurpassed answers to both the commercial “cost benefit analyses” of market managed care and the idiosyncratic academic/fee for service biases of traditional American medicine. A must read for any physician who wants a sophisticated approach to his/her vocation. Jeoffry B. Gordon, MD, MPH

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