Bulletproofing Your Medical Practice : Risk Management Techniques For Physicians That Work

The definitive work on risk reduction for practicing physicians. The practicing physician has worked long and hard to build up a medical practice. Why risk it all if it’s not necessary? This concise and easy to read text contains simple techniques for the physician to use to reduce/avoid costly potential malpractice and insurance pitfalls.

You will learn how to: Avoid medical malpractice risk; shift risk to another party; avoid the most common insurance pitfalls; get the best insurance coverage for your individual situation; use indemnification and joint-defense agreements; manage non-professional risk including automotive, defamation, advertising injury, general liability, workers’ compensation, and unfair trade practices; and avoid costly mistakes during the investigation of a claim against you.

Customer Review: Succinct Treatment of Malpractice Issues For Physicians

The focus of the book is on the “administrative” end of the medical risk management spectrum. A book like this is a must for a physician facing a first time medical malpractice claim. My only desire is for a more substantial treatment of physician practices that mitigate risk prior to a claim being made.

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