Anthropology of Infectious Disease: International Health Perspectives (Theory and Practice in Medical Anthropology and International Health)

Anthropological contributions to the study of infectious disease and to the study of actual infectious disease eradication programs have rarely been collected in one volume. In the era of AIDS and the global resurgence of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, there is widespread interest and concern about the cultural, ecological and political factors that are directly related to the increased prevalence of infectious disease. In this book, the authors have assembled the growing scholarship in one volume. Chapters explore the coevolution of genes and cultural traits; the cultural construction of “disease” and how these models influence health-seeking behavior; cultural adaptive strategies to infectious disease problems; the ways in which ethnography sheds light on epidemiological patterns of infectious disease; the practical and ethical dilemmas that anthropologists face by participating in infectious disease programs; and the political ecology of infectious

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