All in a Day’s Work: Scenes and Stories from an Adirondack Medical Practice (Q)

Customer Review: Great read

The book All In A Days Work was an awesome read. I like “down home and personal” stuff. Certainly brought the characters into my home. And the scenery!!!! Great photos! Thanks Dr Way

Customer Review: Connecting to the Adirondacks-home

I found this book to be very fascinating. Having grown up in the area and still having family in the area is what drew me to this particular book. I remember my father telling me about some of the people, as well as my mother-in-law who also resides in the area. I also have a daughter in medical school so I will pass this on to her so she can round out her understanding of all areas of medicine and people. The beautiful photographs added to this book. Anyone interested in the Adirondacks or in the medical field would find this book a must have for their collection.

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